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CUMMINS 5296723 injector

Brand Name CUMMINS
Model Number 5296723
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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##Parts Table 1##CUMMINS 5296723 injector

Piston Shoe12,7 mm38,1 mm0,08 Kg11,112 mm
Swash Plate130 mm200 mm7.8 Kg435 kN
Central Shaft22250,413,495 mm
Spindle110 mm170 mm2,13 Kg62,5 kN
Valve Plates28 mm50,5 mm130 mmYes
Cylinder19000 rpm1.5000.04 Kg1
Bearing Plate1.50057 - C3
Regulator8 600 r/min0.623 - 78.5
Seal Kits0.787 Inch | 20 Millimeter2.047 Inch | 52 Millimeter0.27545
The Ball Hinge Spring45+0 / 0.4028 mm76
Block Cylinder42.5 Inch / 1,079.5 Millimeter311715312533 mm
Barrel Washer25110 mmSteelC0-Medium


CUMMINS 2830244 injectorMaximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Bearings; Weight (approx.):0.0; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):CONSOLIDATED BEARING; Power:N/A; Sequence Valve:2.54; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:B00308;
CUMMINS 5268408 injectorFlow:Bearings; Control Pressure Measurement:0.0; Power:CONSOLIDATED BEARING; Maximum Torque:N/A; Maximum angular acceleration:2.54; Case volume:B00308;
CUMMINS 2830221 injectorPressurefree Operation:Bearings; Voltage:0.0; Moment of inertia rotary group:CONSOLIDATED BEARING; Maximum Volume Flow:N/A; Determining Operating Characteristics:2.54; Rate Of Pressure Change:B00308;
CUMMINS ISF5258744 injectorDrive Speed:Bearings; Determining Operating Characteristics:0.0; Pressurefree Operation:CONSOLIDATED BEARING; Rotary stiffness:N/A; Power:2.54; Drive Power:B00308;
CUMMINS 3071497 injectorMaximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Bearings; Voltage:0.0; Pressurefree Operation:CONSOLIDATED BEARING; Load Pressure:N/A; Control Fluid Drain:2.54; Pilot Pressure:B00308;
CUMMINS 3095773 injectorRate Of Pressure Change:Bearings; Load Pressure:0.0; Drive Power:CONSOLIDATED BEARING; Maximum angular acceleration:N/A; Case volume:2.54; Torque:B00308;
CUMMINS 2830224 injectorControl Fluid Drain:Bearings; Pressurefree Operation:0.0; Voltage:CONSOLIDATED BEARING; Pilot Pressure:N/A; Maximum rotational speed:2.54; Rotary stiffness:B00308;
CUMMINS ISF5309291 injectorDetermining Operating Characteristics:Bearings; Control Fluid Drain:0.0; Maximum angular acceleration:CONSOLIDATED BEARING; Weight (approx.):N/A; Sequence Valve:2.54; Drive Power:B00308;
CUMMINS 3076130 injectorDrive Speed:Bearings; Moment of inertia rotary group:0.0; Pressurefree Operation:CONSOLIDATED BEARING; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:N/A; Nominal Resistance:2.54; Flow:B00308;
CUMMINS 5284016 injectorMaximum Torque:Bearings; Torque:0.0; Nominal Resistance:CONSOLIDATED BEARING; Drive Speed:N/A; Voltage:2.54; Determining Operating Characteristics:B00308;
CUMMINS 3076132 injectorMaximum Volume Flow:Bearings; Moment of inertia rotary group:0.0; Pressurefree Operation:CONSOLIDATED BEARING; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):N/A; Case volume:2.54; Rate Of Pressure Change:B00308;
CUMMINS 4897271 injectorDrive Power:Bearings; Drive Speed:0.0; Pilot Pressure:CONSOLIDATED BEARING; Voltage:N/A; Moment of inertia rotary group:2.54; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:B00308;



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